MHT-CET/ NEET/ JEE-MAIN Regular + Crash Course

Ensure that you are an ACHIEVER and not just a DREAMER

HSC /CBSE/ICSE Board + JEE Main / NEET and its Importance for an Engineering/Medical Career Aspirant In the present day world of stiff competition in getting a good job and ensuring oneself a successful career, a professional qualification from a reputed college has become a necessity. Among the colleges in the Engineering stream, the education given by the NITs& top medical colleges is deemed as one among the best in the country. This is evident from the fact that most of these graduates either get admission into top foreign universities for their Masters Program or land up with plum jobs. Admission to the NITs is through a Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main) and coming out successful in JEE Main is a hallmark of distinction a student can aspire for. Around 12 lakh students appear for this exam and about 20,000 are finally chosen. The final selection also factors in the Board marks of the students. The entrance has a weightage of 50% and the Board marks 50%. The JEE Main syllabus covers a vast range of topics (portions of both XI & XII Stds) in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics giving stress to problem solving skills.

The expert team of Professors handling the HSC /CBSE Board and JEE/ NEET classes follow proven methods of coaching and provide proper foundation that payes the way to attain perfection in this area of specialized education.


Ensure that you are an ACHIEVER and not just a DREAMER

HSC /CBSE Board and MHT-CET /JEE /NEET preparation and pioneers in classroom training - whose professional methods of coaching becomes invaluable for those seeking entry into the NITs and other top ranked colleges. Gurukul academy has attained a well deserved reputation for its excellence in education.

This means that there are plenty of concepts to learn and hundreds of problems to solve besides the regular preparations to be done for the Board exams. For this a student must be on his/her toes, right from the beginning and should be able to do the balancing act. Starting the preparation early and in right earnest will help in mastering the subjects within a comfortable time frame and with ease.. It should be noted that though the syllabus for Board exams pertain to the class XII portions, syllabus for competitive exams include both the XI and XII portions..

JEE Main Problem Solving Sessions:

Students are made to work on typical problems under the direct supervision of the Professor. As the Prof goes round the class he/she checks each student's progress and helps him/her arrive at the solution

MHT-CET Problem Solving Sessions:

Counseling Parents / guardians are most welcome with prior appointment to enquire about their ward's performance and progress. Regular Tests & Paper Discussions Periodical tests will be conducted. The marks scored in the tests and the attendance details of the student will be sent to the parents regularly. Model Exams Apart from the regular tests, revision exams, model exams and mock exams are held at the end of the course

If a student leaves the course before its completion he/she will not have any claim for refund of fees. Rules of Admission Students must abide by the rules and regulations of the institution. If found otherwise, they will be removed from the rolls. Registration & Enrolment is now on. Registration can be done by paying Rs.1000/- as advance adjustable against the course fee.